Timber flooring Brisbane, get calls daily about how to install their engineered timber floors supplied by Brisbane Timber Flooring, Firstly we do have instructions on our webpage.

However let us answer the most common question customers ask Timber Flooring Brisbane, that is can I install my kitchen on top of my engineered floor, the answer is No, reason is that is will compromises expansion, what we need to understand that everything in the universe expands & contracts, now putting an additional heavy weight on one part of the floor will compromise that engineered timber floor, the same will apply to heavy bookcase, grand piano’s
What we suggest is that you undercut the kitchen and tuck the floors under the kickboards.

Glue-down method is a better option if you are concerned about expansion, as we recommend a flexible rubber adhesive such as Bossil, this hold the floors in position and allows minimal expansion

First off, installing the floors throughout the kitchen, even under the cabinets, wastes timber flooring materials. You will never see the flooring beneath your cabinets and appliances, so why pay for the material and installation? In the event, you need to replace the engineered timber flooring down the line, you will need to pay to remove the cabinet making for a very costly exercise.

We suggest that if you have concerns, seek advise from Timber Flooring Brisbane, we have experts that have been in the Timber Flooring industry for many, many years.

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