Australian Blackbutt:The golden browns and striking pinks of Blackbutt make it a favourite amongst designers and architects alike. The combination of light shades and structural hardness is a unique attribute of this timber and adds to its high demand. At harmony we have carefully selected our Blackbutt to highlight the natural characteristics of this species, creating a floor with a modern edge. The timber has a colour ranging from a golden yellow through to pale browns. The colour range is subtle and is excellent where the colour requirement is light and neutral. The sapwood is distinctly lighter than the heartwood. Some material sourced from the northern part of its range may have a slightly pinkish tinge. Blackbutt continues to be extremely popular with architects and designers for its unique tones and shadings. Blackbutt is an extremely versatile timber with uses ranging from poles and sleepers through to decking, flooring and furniture. The heartwood is of Class 2 durability allowing external application Janka Hardness: 1810 Blackbutt has a ranking of 1810. Workability: Blackbutt has good resistance excellent holding ability although checking may occur in boards. Sands well, with excellent machining qualities. Because of its relatively high porosity and low concentration of tannin, Blackbutt can take stains and lacquers well. Principal Uses: Blackbutt is principally used in external application such as sleepers, decking or structural load bearing. It is popular amongst furniture manufactures and veneers extremely well. It has in recent times become a popular source for hardwood flooring.