All about Timber Flooring Brisbane

Timber Floors often called wood floors or wood flooring, engineered Timber Floors, engineered floors , engineered timber floors, Timber Flooring is a great choice for renovating.

Timber flooring Brisbane are direct importers, we have manufacturing plants in China, Malaysia, Europe, with more than 100 years collective experience in Timber Flooring.

Timber Floors are mostly now Engineered Timber Floors, with tongue n groove (tongue & groove ) fixing method, the Tongue & groove method is more than 100 years old, and has stood the test of time when installing timber floors, or plank floors Timber flooring Brisbane have an amazing range of timber flooring , such as Australian Blackbutt, Australian Spotted Gum, French Oaks, the process of engineered is that the top surface wear layer is the most important component, this is where we will use a plantation grown timber top for our timber flooring, the timber floors wear layer are bonded again mostly to plantation timber ply-wood as a base, this makes the Timber Flooring much more stable, when compared to the old method of Timber flooring which was solid timber floors. The process is bonding plantation timber to ply-wood, then machining, cutting in the Tongue & Groove on the plank floors, the cutting of the Tongue & groove is critical in the machining process and good factories will use a German made machine, Homag, this is the best machine for the process on Tongue & groove on plank floors, the woodcut process is important and that is what makes timber flooring Brisbane so popular We save you real money!!!

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